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Sunday School

Children are a blessing and they are being entrusted to us by God. As nurturers we take care, prune & create in them a new heart to submit them as a holy sacrifice to God.

The Sunday class of our church has an archaic history. Initially it was conducted by the doctors of JIPMER who taught multi linguistic songs and memory verses. Then we had men and women of God from our church who dedicated themselves to teach our children the Word of God.

Today by the grace of our Lord we have Sunday class sessions with music, songs and learning. Children are split into various classes according to their age and the Diocesan syllabus is taught to them along with practical real-world incidents.

The Evening Service of the 3rd Sunday of every month is conducted by the Sunday School Teachers and Children.

We welcome the parents to send their children to the Sunday School regularly.

To God be all the glory. 

Superintendent: Mrs. Lysol Pancy

Co-ordinator: Mrs. Anitha Johnes


Women’s Fellowship

Women are powerful instruments used by God in the Bible. According to Proverbs 14:1, “A wise woman not only builds her home but also the church ministry & a society at large.”

The women of our Church have involved themselves in almost all the activities of the Church. Especially, they are the ‘Prayer Warriors’. They come together every Tuesdays in the church to pray and meditate on God’s Word. Every 1st Sunday of the month, women’s fellowship leads the Evening Service. They are also active participants of the village ministry, sick people home / hospital visits.

We encourage all the women to come and be a part of the fellowship and serve God.

Secretary: Mrs. Mary Jeba Edmond

Asso. Secretary: Mrs. Chitralekha John Jeyakumar

Treasurer: Mrs. Rimsal

Asso. Treasurer: Mrs. Jegajothi Fredrick


Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship of our church is functioning since 2009. It is an active Fellowship of the Church focusing on spiritual development, encouraging each other to grow in the Lord. Group of men gather every fourth Sunday at 11:00 am in the church regularly and engage themselves in prayer. All members of Men’s Fellowship actively involves in all the church activities.

Secretary: Mr. Thirugnanam
Treasurer: Mr. John Sekaran
Convenor: Mr. Peduru Ramasamy


Youth fellowship

Youth are the pillars of our future Church and Society. It is in this prime time of life that we often involve in making various important decisions of our lives. Our Lord Jesus Christ started His divine ministry as an youngster. According to Psalm 119:9, as youngsters we cleanse ourselves by God’s Word.

The Youth Fellowship of our church is named as ‘Ecclesia’. Young People gather together on every Sunday after the English service in the church premises to worship and meditate on the Word of God. Every 2nd Sunday of the month, youth fellowship members lead and conduct the evening service.

We invite all the youngsters to come and be a part of our fellowship to know more of Christ and to stand as a witness for Him.

Convenor: Mrs. Jebaleena John Wesley & Mrs. Anitha Johnes


Teen’s Fellowship

Teen’s fellowship of our church was started with the intention of helping the teens congregate and foster faith. Children from the age group between 13 and 19 are invited to participate in the teen’s fellowship. The teen’s fellowship has interactive sessions and special talks.

Convenor: Mrs. Beenu Marcus & Mrs. Anitha Johnes


Young couple Fellowship

Marriages are made in heaven. Marriage is a sacred and beautiful thing arranged by God for men and women. The purpose of marriage is not only for procreation. The primary purpose of marriage is fellowship, companionship and mutual help & comfort. In this modern era, Christian marriages are also in greater threat.

Young couple’s Fellowship is a new initiative started in St. Luke’s church for couples who are below the age of 45 years. The main objective of this group is to develop and restore Christ-centered Christian marriages and families. We invite young couples of St.Luke’s church to be part of this new endeavor for the glory of God. The present Office bearers are as follows.

Secretary: Mrs & Mr. Sam Paul

Treasurer: Mrs & Mr. Fredrick

Convenor: Mrs & Mr. Prakash


Ropheka Medical Fellowship

The healing ministry of Jesus Christ is holistic in nature; its spiritual, physical, emotional and social healing. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the source of every healing from the beginning till now. It is a ministry often seen as one of the church’s responses to Jesus’ commission to preach the gospel and heal the sick.

In St. Luke’s Congregation, 75% people are serving in medical fields as Doctors, Nurses, Allied professions, and hospital Administration. St. Luke’s Church founded with the efforts, visions and prayers of JIPMER medical staff’s prayer fellowship in 1967. By revisiting the history, on May 6 th 2018, we started new fellowship for all medical staffs in St. Luke’s church. It has named as ‘ROPHEKA MEDICAL FELLOWSHIP’. Every third Sunday of month, Group of Medical staffs
gather at 11:00 am in the church regularly and engage themselves and pray for the Sick people.

Convenor: Dr. Mr. Gladwin
Asso. Convenor: Mr. Ebenezar Sujith